Saturday, September 18, 2010

A challenge for writers

Here is the next picture. Apparently a tough one. Have fun racking your brains on this. For the uninitiated, you have to write an interesting story based on the picture below. The story should have a proper beginning and a proper end. For a word count of more than 500, kindly post a link to the requisite location where you have written the story. For a story shorter than that, leave it as a comment here.

Looking forward to some interesting stories!


  1. As she rotated her thumbs to take her mind off the sea-sick symptoms.

    "Well sis, this holiday is the best ever! It was so inventive of you to book online for this cruise. Won't they be envious at school when they hear we have been on the inaugural voyage of Titanic 2".

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  3. Dave hurried on through the packed meeting room, painfully aware how conspicuous his orange shirt was among all the blues and grays of the other students. Why today, of all days, did he have to show his Syracuse colors on the Georgetown campus? He would have a thing or two to say to his roommate too, for suggesting he come down to this conference, "to find a date." How chauvanistic! He picked up his pace and ran right into a woman coming in the door, wearing an identical orange shirt. Perhaps, Dave thought, he owed his roommate some thanks after all.

  4. I don’t know how much longer I can sit here, pleasantly nodding, and listening to her go on and on about her successful career. I know she’s my best friend and all, but I’m getting tired of being in her shadow… carrying her stuff…making excuses to others for her…reminding her of her appointments and crap…supporting her through thick and thin…

    Just one day, I wish we could change places, and I was the one in the spotlight. I was the beautiful one; I was the one that everyone listened to; I was the one that won all the talent contests; I was the one who had the dad who bought off the judges…

    Just one day, I wish we could change places. Then she would know what it felt like to be her best friend.

  5. @Dj -> Good imagination. A complete story could have been made out of that.

  6. Seriously? She cannot possibly believe the drivel she's spouting. God, I hate these group therapy sessions, thought Martie.

    She tried desperately to distract herself from the conversations around her and still appear to pay attention.

    Honestly, I could care less that Daddy didn't buy you everything you wanted. Geez, princess. And to think MY issues were caused by rampant sexual abuse and being locked in a closet for punishment. Excuse me if I don't pity your lack of Gucci purses.

    Disgusted, Martie checked her watch. Five more minutes, she thought. Then I can get out of here, meet up with Rafe and get my fix. I should have plenty of time to come down before dinner call.

    Rehab...what a joke.

  7. @Rebecca -> That was some serious spite. Looks like you have gone through such a situation before. Nice try!